Your Girlfriends Favourite Song?

March 11, 2010

You can’t deny, women have a unique taste in music, they love their pop and their rock, dance and drum n bass. But most of all they love to feel good when experiencing music and they ALWAYS want to sing along.

This week Shannon can’t stop listening to Lady GaGa – Speechless and dancing to Tinie Tempah – Pass Out. The later being a tune I tested out on her last week which she instantly loved, and has since hit #1 in the UK pop charts.. Again proving my theory that most girls know a hit song when they hear it!

Shann has always been a long time advocate of Lady GaGa’s talent. Always stressing to anyone who would listen, that underneath all the glitter, outrageous outfits and cheesy pop hits, is an amazing performer, singer and song writer. You can see why in the clip below, she really is an amazing artist. Which makes me even more excited to be checking her out live in concert this weekend at Auckland’s Vector Arena. See you there?

Lady GaGa – Speechless

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

What’s Your Girlfriends Favourite Song?

check out previous posts for what Shann has been listening to here


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