GET UR RAVE ON – Covert Style!

April 20, 2010

This weekend I’ll be busting out the big ones at a secret location down in Hamilton for the MASSIVE Covert Rave crew!

In the lead-up to the event they asked me to put together an exclusive 30min mix tape for their radio show. Download a copy of it from my soundcloud page.

I asked the promoters what Covert is all about and here is what they has to say:

“We wanted to bring something new and different to the scene so thought why not have huge raves and make the location a secret until a few hours before the event to help build up excitement. Covert is held in unique locations and we’re always looking for crazy new places to have parties.
The emphasis is on a range of good music, a great location and giving people an experience that will leave them counting down the days until the next Covert.
Things you can expect to see at Covert: a lot of skin, shitloads of people, unrestrained sexuality and people just generally letting loose”

Wow. Sounds like good times!

Signup to covertraves.co.nz to receive a text on the day with the location.

And join the facebook event HERE

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