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Autozamm – Want It Need It (Dan Aux “Club Step” Remix) [Radio Edit]

October 12, 2010

Autozamm – Want It Need It (Dan Aux “Club Step” Remix) [Radio Edit] Coming soon to iTunes as bonus track on AutoZamm album “5th Degree” [Warner Music]

“Even looking at the cover of Autozamm’s third album – 5th Degree – it reeks of classic rock. The vocal parts of a gimp suit adorning fine diners at an elaborate feast. An aura of devious orchestration permeates the album. I’m sure Storn Thorgensen – of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin record cover fame – nods and approves.”


A1 Bassline – Bad Boy Sound [Download]

October 11, 2010

A1 Bassline – Bad Boy Sound

Tighten Up Records (

Many of Christian’s tunes have found their way into my DJs sets and here is another banger that is sure to destroy dancefloors. Enjoy



New Remix avail NOW!

October 10, 2010