i Dosing: Binaural E?

March 9, 2011

We all know that music can alter your mood. Sad songs can make you cry. Upbeat songs may give you an energy boost. But can music create the same effects as illegal drugs?

For binaural beats to work, you must use some decent headphones (I use Sennheiser HD 25’s). I’m not sure if the iPod buds will give you the same result.

Different sounds are played in each ear. The sounds combine in your brain to create a new frequency. This frequency corresponds to brain wave frequencies.

There are different brain wave frequencies. These frequencies are related to different states like relaxation and alertness.

I recently tried some of these with surprising results. The effects are no where near as specific as i-dose track titles advertise and I wouldn’t say that I felt like I was on a particular drug but it certainly made me feel pretty damn good and put my mind into a whole ‘nother realm at certain points along the way.

Check out the files below. Each one promises a very defined experience. So don a pair of headphones, turn out the lights, assume the yoga corpse pose, take a few deep breaths and let ‘er rip.

Let me know if it works for ya!


Also, check out this amazing short story

The Euphio Question by Kurt Vonnegut.

Written way back in 1951.

Kurt conjures up similar “i dosing” themes but on a much grander scale!



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