April 20, 2011

Here’s a new mix we’ve just done for klubkids records. It showcases some of our recent work as well as some tunes we are into. Hope u enjoy!
Big love!
Two Fresh x

1. ‘Dance With You (Two Fresh Remix)’ – P Money
2. ‘King Of The Stars (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Dr Don Don
3. ‘Whine Ya Waistline (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Danny T feat. Oh Snap
4. ‘Juke It’ – TJR & Gant Man
5. ‘Club Certified (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Kylian Mash feat Akon & Glasses
6. ‘Drunk In This (TJR Vocal Mix)’ – Surecut Kids
7. ‘Woop Woop (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Malcom Funktion
8. ‘Too Fresh’ – Two Fresh
9. ‘Street Dancer (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Avicii
10. ‘Riding High (Youx vs Dodge & Fuski Mash)’ – Destroy Disco
11. ‘Mosquito (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Dan Aux (purchase)
12. ‘Piggy Bank (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Sampology
13. ‘Fighting Fire (Foamo Remix)’ – Breakage feat. Jess Mills
14. ‘Make My Day (Speciman A Remix)’ – Bashy vs NAPT
15. ‘Last Two People (Two Fresh Remix)’ – Heavyfeet feat Kid Bliss & Rod Hotly
16. ‘Sunday Morning(Phetsta & Special Lucas Bootleg)’ – K-OS


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