“It was only until October last year when Tommie Sunshine played me a few of his tracks while we were in the studio working on a record, that I got to know about Dan Aux’s music. I got struck by the amount of energy and crazyness that’s in his music and started playing out some of his tracks. 3 months later I played Auckland, New Zealand and of course I had to meet the man. The next day we went into the studio together to work on some music. The result is our track ‘Get Up’ which is what we call dutchstep, influenced by both dutch house and dubstep”Bart B More

You’ll no doubt be aware by now of the amazing talent that is Dan Aux. His killer mix of ‘Bhanga’ by Two Fresh has been smashing it, not only helping the tune rise to the Top 20 of the Australian ARIA Club Charts but also enjoying much love from jocks across the globe (including Kissy Sell Out who played his remix of Bhanga on BBC Radio 1 for a killer three weeks in a row!).

Fresh as he may be though, Mr Aux is no newcomer. Dan began life putting on the legendary Nutshell Breaks parties in Newcastle, Australia, (so named because they thought a Freq Nasty track they were playing at the time was shouting “that’s nut-shell” not “that’s my-style” as the title of the tune suggested). Dan started out writing some killer tear-out breaks as the Shoplifta’s, including one track “Daily Operation” which made it on to the Freestylers Fabric Live compilation. Soon after Dan joined Bass Kleph for a bunch of releases on the then emerging label Vacation records.

But as it happens Dan Aux fell in love, quit his day job and moved from Newcastle, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Inspired by longtime hero Henry Rollins, Dan “got in the van” (so to speak) and now lives the dream writing music during the week and headlining parties all over Auckland and NZ on weekends. Signed to Tommie Sunshine’s New York imprint – Brooklyn Fire – expect a forthcoming EP in April, plus a slew of remixes, collaborations, and productions. And just as important  will be his forthcoming EP on Aussie label Klub Kids of course!

In the meantime wrap your ear drums around some of these fresh beats! As Tommie Sunshine says “Dan Aux will save the world” so get onboard the rescue mission yall! Enjoy!

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