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December Beatport Chart

December 10, 2010



N*E*R*D Vs Dirty Noise – Party Punch Balls (Dan Aux VIP Party Edit)

December 8, 2010

N*E*R*D Vs Dirty Noise – Party Punch Balls (Dan Aux VIP Party Edit)DOWNLOAD


Giant Boobs…

November 29, 2010

Giant Boobs!

Admit it, we all love them…why? Im not sure, we just do.

But all that aside. Today I’m using them to lure you in closer to tell you about my new boobs EP which is out on BEATPORT this week.


But don’t listen to what I have to say, here is what some other boobs people had to say about the boobs tunes!

Stepping out of the dub and into the club, Klub Kids proudly presents the Way Crazies EP by Aussie born, New Zealand dwelling, beard sporting, and all round club legend Dan Aux. Tommie Sunshine recently declared that ‘Dan Aux will save the world’. An ambitious boast. But let’s be fair. Even if he doesn’t manage to save the world at large he’ll at least be saving a whole bunch of DJ’s from a lack of quality house music this coming weekend. Already getting love from Kissy Sellout on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, Dan’s Way Crazies! EP kicks off with the organ grinding mayhem of Klub Kids, moves into the twisted funk of You Can’t Stop This, and ends on the grinding distorted banger of Oh Shivers. Check out why you should all be on board the rescue mission by clicking the link below!
Big love!
KKids x.

Greg Churchill “Feelin’ Oh Shivers” 4/5Don Diablo “Oh Shivers = fav” 4/5Blaze Tripp “Fun EP yo. Gotta catch ’em all. Fan of Oh Shivers” 4/5Pete Jordan – IDJ Magazine “Nice beats, Klub Kids os the one doing it most for me! Great work!” 4/5Malente “Love the Klub Kids tune” 4/5Udachi “nice one! Oh shivers and Klub kids are the nice stand-outs, def adding these to my crate!” 5/5The Squatters “Nice organ” 4/5Stupid Fresh “Bangers!” 4/5Mc Flipside “You Can’t Stop this tech funk” 4/5Two Fresh “Main Room Mayhem. Oh Shivers is huge” 5/5Deacon Rose (TripleJ)“I was just chair bopping to this. Auxward!”The Cheerz “Mad love for Dan the man & Klub Kids” 5/5 Bag Raiders“Good Stuff” 4/5The Incredible Melting Man “Dan Aux manages to rescue the best elements of the dreaded dutch trend & revitaliase them into something new & fresh. I’ll definitely be giving all three tracks a spin” 5/5Larry Tee “Oh Shivers for me!” 5/5DJ Yoda “Sure, why not!” 4/5Aquasky “Yeah oh shivers is the one for me on this, cool EP fo sure xx” 5/5Little Bastard “Dan Aux is the man. Big fan. Heavy EP” 5/5 download EP

fRew“Dan Aux is killing it! 5/5”Blood Shake “Oooommmggg.. Amazing!” 5/5Micah “Oh Shivers is a rocker!” 5/5Shane Aylett “Oh Shivers on form. Club Banger for sure” 5/5Breakonomics “The Klub Kids joint is crazy! Will be rinsing this for sure! Dan Aux is doing big things! Nice”DJ Bam Bam “Dope!” 4/5Kato“Top notch big room gear! 5/5”Archie “Nice release… Klud Kids is my pick. Full support”Jeremy Iliev “Wonky organs like only Dan Aux knows how!”Destroy Disco “You cant stop this, definite favorite!” 5/5Titsworth “Nice. A very well excecuted escape from harsh electro.” 4/5Wax Motif“Love Klub Kids!! Izz way crazies! 5/5”Andy Murphy (One Love) “NIce work Dan and another great EP from Kub kids!!” 4/5Phonatics “Mad EP” 5/5Breakdown “Solid EP. Full support” 5/5Reset! “Yep yep yep, cool release”Adam Zae “Oh Shivers, Dan Aux delivers”Andrew Corney “Here is some real club monsters. I can’t wait to play this Saturday night”Tom EQ “You can’t Stop This pushes all the right buttons” 4/5Keli Hart “Love it Mr. Aux” 5/5Doc Trashz “Yes sir, Klub Kids is my fav track of this fresh EP” Danny T “Fucking DOPE EP from Mr Auxilery! I feel less bad about him moving away to NZ if he’s going to be producing madness like this! 5/5”

Wow cool huh? but don’t let these boobs amazing DJs and producers fool you, listen and make up your own mind here!

And finally here are some more giant boobs

congrats you found my special secret download link


Autozamm – Want It Need It (Dan Aux “Club Step” Remix) [Radio Edit]

October 12, 2010

Autozamm – Want It Need It (Dan Aux “Club Step” Remix) [Radio Edit] Coming soon to iTunes as bonus track on AutoZamm album “5th Degree” [Warner Music]

“Even looking at the cover of Autozamm’s third album – 5th Degree – it reeks of classic rock. The vocal parts of a gimp suit adorning fine diners at an elaborate feast. An aura of devious orchestration permeates the album. I’m sure Storn Thorgensen – of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin record cover fame – nods and approves.”


A1 Bassline – Bad Boy Sound [Download]

October 11, 2010

A1 Bassline – Bad Boy Sound

Tighten Up Records (

Many of Christian’s tunes have found their way into my DJs sets and here is another banger that is sure to destroy dancefloors. Enjoy